Manufacturer of alternators and rotating machines
Linz Electric lands in the States, with a new subsidiary.

It is an important step for the company, which will offer US customers optimized pre-and after-sales service, quick deliveries, and customer support, thanks to the proximity to the market and to the competence that always distinguishes Linz Electric and its people.

An Italian history

Linz Electric S.p.a., part of the Pedrollo Group of companies, specializes in the production of alternators for generators. Founded in 2002, it became in a few years one of the major players in the sector. The knowledge and long experience of its designers together with the strong inclination for innovation and natural tendency towards investment have quickly led to the development of a full range of products, whose high quality standards are recognized and appreciated worldwide by the most important generator manufacturers.


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We produce the best electric rotating machines and the most efficient solutions in the energy transformation to impact successfully on ours and our customers' development.

Courage and consistency in our choices; collaboration and flexibility in our behavior; responsibility and honesty in our actions are the values leading our business management.


Linz Electric was established in 2002 as part of an industrial project of the Pedrollo Group, a leader in the production of electric pumps. Since its beginning, the great industrial experience and financial strength of the group have enabled the company to invest in research and automation: it is a path that continues every day, improving know-how and internationalization. The group synergies allow a high-quality control of the production chain and ensure the highest quality of Made in Italy products and major flexibility in worldwide service.

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The internationalization of Made in Italy is the business model adopted by Pedrollo Group, broadening and strengthening its presence in the five continents.
The companies carry out intense commercial activity through twelve direct branches.
The Pedrollo brand is recognized globally as a synonym for excellence and today it represents a quality standard both for products and for service, with the awareness that growth depends above all on the ability to monitor and operate in the international markets.

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